Fundraising to support Northwell Health's COVID-19  Fund is easy. Follow the fundraising tips below and use our complete fundraising guide and social graphics to help you spread the word and raise crucial funds to help those fighting on the front lines at Northwell Health.

Customize Your Fundraising Page

Upload a photo and tell your family and friends why you’re raising money for the Northwell Health Covid-19  Fund. If you have a personal story to tell-- your fundraising page is a great place to tell it and remind people of why they should donate.

Spread The Word

Invite your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to your fundraising page, and/or your fundraiser. You can easily include the link to your online fundraising page in an e-mail, or post it on social media.

Follow up

Most of the time people need more than one reminder to donate. Don’t be afraid to send a follow-up e-mail to those who haven’t responded or give an update on your fundraising to those who have. The more people hear about your progress, the more they will want to get involved. Use our pre-written email templates in your online Participant Center or write your own and don’t forget to include the URL to your fundraising page!

Fundraising Guide

Use our fundraising guide for ideas, tips and sample communications to help you raise money for Northwell Health's COVID-19 Fund. Click on the icon below to download our guide. 

Social Images

Download the below images and add them to your preferred social media channel to help spread the word about your campaign.





Facebook Profile Frames

Let people know you are supporting Northwell Health's Covid-19 Fund. Go to your Facebook profile and follow these simple steps to update your profile with one of the below facebook frames.

Step 1: Click on your facebook profile picture to update the picture

Step 2: Click on 'Add Frame'

Step 3: Type 'Northwell Heroes' in the search box

Step 4: Choose from one of 2 frame options

Step 5: Click 'Use as Profile Picture'


Get The Word Out