Roslyn Dads: The Time To Act Is Now

We are all in this together!  It is time to make a difference and help those individuals who are tirelessly working day and night on the front lines to fight this virus.  The entire team of medical professionals at Northwell Health are doing an incredible job fighting COVID-19, however resources are extremely limited.  One hundred percent of any donations collected will go directly to Northwell Health to provide the team with sufficient medical supplies such as protective gear, pay for child care and mental health expenses, as well as the expansion of tele-medicine programs so that at-risk patients can receive medical care without the need to leave their homes.  

This fight is personal - As many of you may or may not know, Roslyn Dads founder, Adam Lilling was recently hospitalized at Northwell Health for COVID-19.  Adam spent 6 days at Northwell and due to the efforts of the Northwell medical team, is thankfully now home recovering with his family.  

Roslyn Dads is proud to support this fund-raising effort.  Adam has pledged to match the first $360 of donations. Matt Weinberg will match the next $360. We hope and pray that you and your families remain safe and healthy during these trying times.


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