We’re stepping up in the fight against COVID-19. You can too.

While our nation - and the world - are socially isolating to slow the spread of COVID-19, brave medical professionals leave their homes every day to provide life-saving care in NYC. They are in the epicenter fight against this disease. And they need our help.

That’s why we are raising funds specifically for Lenox Hill Hospital ER. Our team is on the front-line taking care everyone in the community--both those with COVID-19 and those who have other medical needs. One hundred percent of funds donated will go directly to supporting the team at Lenox Hill ER to make sure they have the support and resources that they need. They’ll help bring wellness breaks to allow clinicians to decompress. They’ll help buy meals so they don't have to worry about making food to bring to work. And they’ll help support those who get sick because they're helping others.

This is an ER specific fund and, rest assured, that 100% of the funding will go to the ER. We’re proud to be raising money to help the ER in this fight and in future fights. Please help us out by making a generous donation today. 

We hope you remain safe and healthy until this pandemic reaches its end.


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